Firewood in a mesh bag:


We offer different types of dried firewood. The main exportable wood species are birch and alder.





                    Birch                                                              Alder

Product information:


  • firewood is produced according to the Norwegian first class standard NS4414.

  • Firewood has been dried naturally or with a kiln;

  • the moisture content of the wood does not exceed 20%.

  • the logs are 30 cm +/- 1cm long and packed in 40 litre (52x70cm) or 60 litre (60x80cm) mesh bags.

  • the mesh bags are UV stabilised for 12 months

  • the filled mesh bags are attached to a pallet (1000x1200 mm) with a net and/or plastic, which ensures that the tower remains stable while it is transported by cargo ship and by trucks.

  • one pallet contains 60 or 66 bags of firewood.

  • one truck can accommodate 24 pallets as load units.

  • Size of minimum order: 1 truckload


According to the client’s wishes, it is possible to order firewood in different packages. If the client wishes, we will supply the packages with logos or trademarks.